Tuesday, December 18, 2012


       Our African Centric Energy Chi Technique, Afro Chi Sun Shu,
is a combined methodology for self healing. With practice and correct application the knowledge derived can be utilized daily for complete wellness to thus create a more positive outlook.
Our bodies are connected to our planet earth and is kept warm by the Sun's Ray's. During the Afro Chi passive stretch, we make use of the healing energy brought forth by the Sun's Ray's, that regularly in good health emanates through our bodies daily. When approaching or during illness, has blockages. These blockages, are what we aim at eliminating during our Afro Chi Sessions. As we warm, heal and rejuvenate in any level of fitness, as our great energy, nurtures by encouraging movement to remove toxins from lymph, improve vascular blood flow and strengthen lungs and other organs, supports and tones muscles connective tissue and bones, improves digestion, encourages wellness and gives a positive demeanor, to maintain and build healthy strong bodies.  Food facts are revealed, to understand basic nutrients on life's road.  Join us on 'A Journey to Relaxation'© master modalities applying  universal vibrations, metu channel chakra healing breath, passive movement and enhanced   relaxation for optimum rewards.
Attend a FREE demonstration to learn about AFRO CHI. We have listed our next open sessions. If you would like to host a demonstration for your group, contact us at:                                                          TheAfroChi@gmail.com      



Thursday, December 6, 2012


Afro Chi Sun Shu, Sessions

You are cordially invited to attend
The AFRO CHI, SUN SHU Sessions

Serving everyone in all states of wellness 

and fitness. 

Boston Sports Club-Central Sq. 
625 Massachusetts Ave. 
Cambridge, MA. 02139
617 876 5550/617 868 3635
Preview Demo: March 12, 2013 6:00 PM Tuesday
Sessions Begin: March 19, 2013 6:00 PM Tuesdays
Boston Sports Club-Fenway
201 Brookline Ave.

Boston, MA. 02115

617 266-7400/617 868 3635

Preview Demo: March 11, 2013 6:00 PM Monday

Sessions Begin: March 18, 2013 6:00 PM Mondays 
 Pre-registration  required 

Presenter Releigh, Wellness Consultant
Afro Chi, is a compilation of healthy modalities for daily practice. The information shared will assist participants towards healthy maintenance and optimum fitness results. Benefits include yet are not limited to the following: Passive Afro Chi stretch, corrective breathing, mind body relaxation, aromatherapy with self massage, nutrition orientations, benefits derived from herbs, spices and juicing.
Each workshop session, as a series brings to the awareness a variety of daily interactions, known to be stress triggers, with a guided action plan. Topics discussed relate to on the job stress, tension type headaches, exam jitters, creating a peaceful ambiance at home or at work and more.
Session 1:
Afro Chi Stretch
a. The practice, how to use correct breathing to one's advantage, passive stretch.
b. On the Job Stress/Relaxation imagery
How to relax under pressure on the job, re-creates imagery to help establish a plan to use when necessary to handle stress wisely.
c. Nutrition, What's on your label? Home work read all labels of the foods commonly consumed. Identify the quantity of salt and sugar contained.
Session 2:
Afro Chi Stretch
a. The difference of morning, evening stretch and before workouts.
b. Stress when in various environments/relaxation imagery.
What you can do on the spot, to create an inner sanctuary.
c. Nutrition discussion, identification of what's in a serving, food portions.
Session 3:
Afro Chi Stretch
a. The practice, building internal energy with a tempo and movement for good health locating chakra's.
b. Stress, Exam Jitters, methods to help ace the exam.
c. Nutrition, nutrients that your body requires.
Session 4:
Afro Chi Stretch
a. The practice, passive stretch with balance stances.
b. Relaxation, Master the Mind, creating a easy chair mentality.
c. Nutrition, From information shared, create a dinner meal for self and family.
Session 5:
Afro Chi Stretch:
a. The art of 'Slowing Down'
b. Self healing massage and aromatherapy techniques.
c. Nutrition, relaxing herbs and spices,
Session 6:
Afro Chi Stretch
a. Inner vibration, what are you feeling? Correct breathing
American Mantra's
b. Relaxation imagery for weight loss.
c. Nutrition, benefits of juicing pro's and con's.

Contact 617 868 3635 TheAfroChi@gmail.com

©2012 All Rights Reserved Afro Chi, Releigh, Sr.

Friday, November 30, 2012



High Omega 3 Fish

Healthy meals can be simple yet tasty. Salmon steaks are packed full of Omega 3's
A principle of a healthy diet is to include Omega 3's. Which serve the body as a source
anti inflammatory properties, particularly with an exercise program. Dietary intakes
of Omega's range 1,250 - 1,500mg of the omega 3s EPA & DHA per day.
Eating high omega 3 foods, especially high omega 3 fish supports healthy immunity.
Each person metabolizes omega 3 foods differently. Low Omega 3 intakes are associated
with whole body inflammation and numerous chronic inflammatory diseases.
Include fish as: Mackerel, Salmon, Trout, Tuna, Sardines